Editorial and high end beauty retouching

I use high end pixel level dodge and burn technique, which is pretty much the same retouching technique used in the analogue photography a century ago but became much precise in the digital age. Meaning highlighting pixels and darkening others to even out the area, this is time consuming but brings the best quality being non-destructive and the image would not look “cheap”, “painted” or modified.

A good retouched image is when you can’t tell if the image was retouched and follows and enhances what needs to be enhanced, not looking overdone and following the guideline and vision of the photographer to emphasize the message.

I have a background in 3d visualization, photography and advertising from the web up to large wall prints I helped a lot of clients sell their products across the globe. With years of Photoshop, composite and post production experience I want to help you to get as close as possible to your final vision in your beauty, editorial or commercial photography.

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